Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 30, 2011: the stage is set.

All I know is, when you *really* believe, God moves on your behalf.  I KNOW it's Him, because what has happened in the last month, or so, is not my doing.  His Grace is sufficient.  He put the words in my mouth.  He gave me the courage. 

When it comes to talking to my husband about religion/church, I get scared.  I mean fear palpitates in my heart.  The devil lurks in the shadows, and tells me I'll never get through to him.  That my son will grow up as a lost soul.  But the devil is a toothless monster. He has no power in my realm. 

So I casually, purposefully use "life-giving words" in conversations over current events, business, and life in general... "God", "Grace", "Mercy", "Blessings", "Gratitude", "Prayer".... and the stage is set.  The Holy Spirit is in our presence, now, because I have saved a seat.  and God goes to work.  In me.  On me.  Through me.  And lives will be changed forever.

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  1. praise God! your chains are gone! freedom is yours through your Savior :) i'm so happy for you, bestie.