Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 20, 2011: Unworthy

The closest thing I know to witnessing God's works occurs within my MOPS group.  These women are faithful, God-fearing, servants of humanity.  I aspire to do and speak as they do. 

Often times, I feel unworthy of these relationships.  These are Godly women.  I am just a First Generation Christian.  Who am I to mentor?  To lead?  Among this group of warriors. 

Then I read this passage in Lisa Bevere's book, Nurture, "I prayed, 'Father, what portion could I possibly bring to this table?' {and, He answered} 'Tell My daughters I am looking for something more. I am not looking for mentors...I am looking for mothers.'"

Yes.  I can be a mother.  I can be a Sister.

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