Friday, July 17, 2015


My baby boy is SIX, today, and he brings me so much joy, each and every day.  This year, he started school, and graduated kindergarten.  I'm one proud mama.  He learned how to read, add, count money, make friends, eat lunch in 30 minutes, and not get everything his way.

It's been an important transitional year for him, and for mommy and daddy.  I grow ever more proud of the person he's becoming.  He makes choices, weighs options, and accepts the effects of his choices.  We are blessed that he's a rational thinker.  He defends fairness, and keeps his word.  He has learned that we are not the type of people who give up, and he lives it out.  He is expressive, a great communicator, and a natural leader.

He also started Tae Kwon Do, this year, and moved from white belt, to yellow, orange, and now green.  Martial arts has been a great supplement to school.  He learns respect, hard work, dedication, discipline, and rank.  All of which I think is important in life.

We have so much fun together; he's my perfect companion.  I have really enjoyed having him home for the summer.  I've been so fortunate to have extra help at work, so that I can spend every morning with him, this summer, and more evenings than normal.

He still loves trains.  He still loves pizza.  And he still loves to sleep with his mommy.  He's still a little boy in so many ways, despite losing three of his baby teeth, this year.  The first two earned him crisp $2 bills from the tooth fairy, but the third, he says, he's keeping for the DNA to clone himself.  LOL!

Cooper loves and reveres God.  He prays, and he encourages, always looking on the bright side, always hopeful.  He knows The Lord's Prayer, and he believes every word.  He knows love.  He knows forgiveness.  He knows that he is special, and that he is valuable beyond measure.  I am so blessed to be his mom.