Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm going to DECLARE!

4 Things about me:
~I am loved by a faithful God.  I love my husband.  I love my beautifully-blended family; I have a 5-year-old son, and 5 older step-children, ages 19-35.
~I love my life; given the perfect balance between home-life, and working for ourselves.  My husband and I own and operate a restaurant together: Nizza in Weatherford, TX.  My official title is "Owner's Wife." 
~I have two degrees:  a Bachelors and Masters, both in Accounting, from The University of Texas at Arlington.
~In this season, my days are simple, and the same--I spend the first part of my day with my son, go to work at my family's restaurant in the evening, come home, and do it all over, again.  I hope to, in the near future, find more time to blog, get back into playing volleyball, and travel the world.

4 of my endearing quirks:
~I have a heart to serve other moms, who may not know how much God loves them.  I have been involved in a local ministry named "Mama Chiks."  I also blog at
~I'm an "all-in" kind of girl.  Often jumping head-first into projects, commitments, and friendships.
~I walk in favor.  God has blessed me with a beautiful life, a beautiful family, and a beautiful story.  I'm so grateful.
~I am a faithful friend.

4 things about my blog & writing:
~I don't write often or regularly, but it provides a refuge for my thoughts.  
~I ramble, sometimes, because I feel like I have the freedom of a non-existent audience, just needing to get it out.
~My blog is home to my testimony.
~I have a lot to learn.

4 of my favorite things:
~Food.  Eating.  Serving.  Enjoying.  Food.
~Taking rides with my husband--where our brain-trust comes alive.
~Mornings with my son.  I work in the evenings, so I get a chunk of time at the beginning of each day w/him.
~Forever friends.  I grew up with two brothers, and lots of cousins.  The Sisters I have made in my adult-life, who I never knew I needed, provide the love and support my soul longs for.


  1. I'm not sure where Weatherford is, but if I ever get there, I'll be sure to eat at Nizza Pizza! I'm looking forward to meeting you next week!

  2. Nice to meet you! Praise God for the sisters we meet later in life. :-)

  3. Cindy Lu ~ I am an all in girl too! Your life sound full and fun and...delicious! Can't wait to meet you :)

  4. You can add me to the all-in girl list! Jump in head first and figure out the details later, right? :D

  5. Love that ministry name, Mama Chiks! My hubby grew up in Mineral Wells :) Look forward to meeting you next week.

  6. Would definitely love to visit your pizza place. Looking forward to meeting you next week!